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Excellence beyond expectations

Donate now to the Special Journal of Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics [SJ-CIB] and help us achieve our objectives. which is not for the profit publication platform. It was designed to disseminate all data submitted by stakeholders in a systematic concise and clear manner such that users and stakeholders including professional practitioners will use it for critical professional decisions. So we will accept all donations made in good fate and made freely without strings attached. Some amount of donations may need disclosure of sources to satisfy most laws of different countries

When you donate by active participation in one way or the other towards making this initiative a success, then you identify as one of the academic heroes of our time. Contributions can or maybe in the form of money, time and resources. Our support is based on free-will donations from our partners all over the world. Please find more details about the partnership with Special journal publications to know how to join. Remember that nothing is too small for this initiative.

This is needed to help pay for some running costs so that authors who cannot afford to pay anything can still publish their papers for free. This network and publication platform is supported by the money we get when people like you pay some money for paper for publication and abstract publication so as to get your details to the world stage. The money you pay for us to advertise your product is one way of supporting and sustaining this project.  You can help us if you connect us to financial donors. When such donors pay some money they will make it possible for those who do not have any amount to pay to still be part of this initiative.

You can Donate your time when you freely offer to review the submitted manuscript at no cost. At this point, you may wish to suggest ways of improvement or invite other authors to join, or reviewers to provide their expertise, others donors to actively participate in achieving our long term or short term goals. This means that by doing so, you help the special journal publications grow. Therefore we invite experts in different fields covered by our journals to jump out of the fence and embrace our developmental efforts so you can support it. Go through what we have published send errors to the or call +256782101486 or +256703129679

Donors may choose to support us with their resources, such as software, computers, and physical office structures for our ever-expanding network and services. We welcome all donations that include resources for publication such as a computer, software, software, internet, and other office equipment to enhance our services to our stakeholders. Give whatever you have for it’s the drop of water that makes a mighty ocean.

Direct all inquiries about your donation to us at:

  • or call +256782101486 or +256703129679.

Bankers (Attention: presiding editor)

  • Uganda: DFCU Bank: shillings Account number: 01981011172776
  • Nigeria: Zenith Bank Naira account number: 2254303708
  • Nigeria: Zenith Bank Dollar account number: 5071132120

You may wish to call or presiding editor before you make any financial commitment either for service delivery or free will denotation to support our initiative. You are advised to expect an acknowledgment fund transfer or payment with 24hours. Otherwise, call the phone numbers for help  

Submit your papers/manuscripts by email attachment of the entire word document to us at or call +256782101486 and +256703129679. We will acknowledge receipt of the manuscript within 24hrs or else send it again until ok. Please see the relevant section of our website for more details. We are here for you. Thank you for your partnership and support

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