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Minimum Requirements for manuscripts submission

Authors should know that there are fourteen minimal requirements expected of all manuscripts submitted to the special journal of Computer Science for review and consideration before publication

  1. Editorial office pre-review to confirm manuscripts are within the scope of listed journals and are in strict conformity with the writing style, quality, accuracy and novelty recommended by the scientific and technical advisory committee (STAC) for all our journals. This can be completed with 48hours.
  2. Authors are advised to agree/disagree to pay for the handling charges should their manuscripts be accepted for publication. To stop the process, authors can disagree at this point and choose to opt-out.
  3. Sending of manuscripts to a minimum of two professional peer reviewers for their independent and unbiased judgment regarding the suitability of manuscripts for publication in any of our journals. This can last for 2 weeks depending on the response of reviewers?
  4. Authors are given the chance to respond to reviewers’ concerns or confirm they agree with reviewers’ comments about their manuscripts even if there are no concerns or comments. This can last for 1 week
  5. The editorial board makes the final decision about manuscripts’ fate/status. At this point, authors will be allowed to pay the mandatory nonrefundable fee of US$250 for middle and low-income countries and US$500 for all high income developed countries of the world.
  6. All accepted manuscripts will undergo an editorial upgrade, galley proof preparation for author’s approval, plagiarism check, grammar assessment for novelty and quality. Online publication can take place within one week after galley proof correction is received and approved by the editorial board.
  7. If authors are willing to respond to authors’ comments, within a specified time, providing all information needed, then rejected manuscripts can be resubmitted for a fresh peer review.
  8. Rejected manuscripts are sent back to the corresponding author(s) for upgrade according to reviewers’ comments. Duration for response is usually two weeks but we will prefer it should last for one week or we assume manuscript was withdrawn by authors
  9. Manuscripts must provide answers to unanswered public health, socio-demographic, socio-economic, Biomedical, Pathological and Clinical questions, information technology, and other research questions 
  10.  There must be clearly descriptive innovative ways for early detection (Diagnostic), prevention (Vaccine) and control (management) of human disease using computers softwares
  11. Outlines the role of computers in disease modeling
  12. Elucidates the science behind host-microbial interactions that will ultimately improve current knowledge on diagnosis prevention and control of diseases using modern computer applications
  13. Illuminates the use of computers in molecular and phenotypic detection of host colonization/infections with special pathogens and how this knowledge will lead to effective forecast prevention and control of diseases  
  14. Explains computer-directed diagnostic approaches leading to better prevention and control of disease agents including but not limited to: new media discovery or improvement of existing ones, genomics of diseases, population genetics
  15. Highlights modern computerized approaches in the use of immune-, chemo-, radio, bio, herbal-therapies for prevention and control diseases  

Authors notes

Authors should note that all manuscripts must undergo peer review by two professionals and pass before being considered for publication. The Editorial Board may reject a paper on the basis of internal review. These rejected papers are rapidly returned to the manuscript, usually within three weeks. Manuscripts sent to the Special Journal of Computer Science may be: should be according to our style. Original observations including new findings can be submitted for consideration. The document should be written in English in clear and direct terms. Pages must be numbered successively, All manuscripts must follow the Vancouver style.

Click here to see details

Manuscript format: Manuscripts for full-length papers should contain the following sections;  

  1. Covering letter
  2. Title page
  3. Abstract
  4. Text organization
  5. List of abbreviations  
  6. Conflict of interest  
  7. Acknowledgments  
  8. References
  9. Appendixes
  10. Figures/illustrations  
  11. Chemical structures  
  12. Tables and captions  
  13. Supportive/supplementary material  


References must be listed in the numerical system (Vancouver, click here to see link for details). All references should be numbered sequentially [in square brackets] in the text and listed in the same numerical order in the reference section (Click here for details). The reference numbers must be finalized and the bibliography must be fully formatted before submission (Click here for details).



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