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This page is about the Special Journal of Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics (SJ-CIB) published by the Special journal publications. See the scope of the Special Journal of Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics for details about our specific publishing business activities. Special Journal of Computer Science, a sub-set of the Special Journal publications (SJP), publishes articles that are novel, accurate, error-free, logical, valid, verifiable, and plagiarism-free and are reproducible among others, with the ultimate goal of helping to achieve global sustainable development for both developed, developing and under-developed nations of the world.   

About our strategic leadership in Computer Science Research

Special Journal of Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics (SJ-CIB) provides leadership in making sustainable development really viable through providing the hub for professional quality cancer-research information for informed decision by stakeholders with special emphasis on resource limited and underrepresented population. SJP increases the visibility, accessibility, distribution, availability, acceptability, and usage of all original high-quality manuscripts submitted to any of its Journals.

About our Philosophy

Special Journal Publications is premised on the following philosophies that serves as defining framework for what we do and how we do what we do the way we do it. Therefore Special Journal Publication believes and upholds the following philosophies in its business activities

  1. Maintain high moral values NOT for profit BUT for sustainable success
  2. Corporate decisions emphatically based more on objective views
  3. Business changes with changing forces in its environment.
  4. Performance should drive motivation  
  5. Levity should be replaced with  a sense of competitive urgency  
  6. Let us know what you think?

Development and information are two inseparable variables that depend on each other to thrive. Power, affluence, advancement and better society depends on the quality of information available to the stakeholders per unit point in time. As the world drifts towards professionalism, professionalism drifts towards quality information, and information drifts towards research, the need for detailed research-based information as drivers of professionalism cannot be overemphasized.

There may be so many centers with different types and qualities of information for different purposes but how useful, available and relevant are these information remains a matter for public debate. Special Journals Publications was designed to assist in filling a colossal information gap for stakeholders in resources limited setting and the entire world.

About publish or perish

The “publish or perish” dictum in all Universities, research institutions, and allied organizations which supposed to drive the enthusiasm for research has done well but inadvertently became a barrier to career development to many young  researchers all over the world. We want to reduce or eliminate the number of the perishing by striving to replace publish or perish” with “publish or publish”.

It is also possible to develop and operate a system that will accommodate more researches from underdeveloped and developing research setting and make the data available to the international research stage through series of capacity building in responsible conduct and writing of researches with the ultimate goal of ensuring to the best of our ability verifiable data are available all professionals to help those in need when, where and how needed.

About SJP and sustainable development

There is need for quality, cost-effective, accessible, measurable, innovative, novel, and research based data to: influence the quality of growth, meet the crucial needs of all people, ensure sustainable population, conserve/enhance the resource base,  reposition skills for less exploitative outcome, manage environment and impact economy. SJP overall goal of sustainable development is about better/quality societal life yesterday, today and tomorrow, based on the concept of sustenance, preservation of environment and building of pleasant relationship between man and nature. 

About Nature of not for profit & sustainable development

Nature is a big sustainability player and so must be preserved. Balanced economic growth, preservation of the ecosystem and guarantee of equal access to resources to all human communities defines our approach. Special Journal Publications operate on not for profit open archive bases to impact the sustainable development database for between tomorrow.   Informed society is a strong society and a strong society is society with accessible critical information needed to make developmental efforts really sustainable.

Special Journal Publications on Social, Economic and Environmental Aspects of Sustainable development

1. Economic aspect!

This is about the creation of new markets/opportunities for sale growth, efficiency improvements, energy and raw material inputs to reduce cost and about creation of additional value.

The list of Special Journal Publications that covers the Economic aspect of sustainable development include but may not be limited to the following 

  1. Special Journal of Engineering, Physics Maths & Statistics
  2. Special Journal of Politics and Economic Sustainability
  3. Special Journal of Banking, Finance, and Management
  4. Special Journal of Philosophy, Sociology, and Education
  5. Special Journal of Computer Innovations and Bioinfomatics
  6. Special Journal of Laws, Ethics, and Religion
3. Environmental aspect!

This is about reduction of waste effluent generation, emission into environment, impact on human health, use of renewable raw material and about elimination of toxic substances:

  1. Special Journal of Geology, Ecology, and Climate Change
  2. Special Journal of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  3. Special Journal of Engineering, Physics Maths & Statistics
  4. Special Journal of Open Research and Reviews
  5. Special Journal of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and  Herbal Research



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