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Excellence beyond expectations
Why d meeting

Special Journal of Computer innovations and Bioinformatics hopes to bring together global best brains to exchange ideas on Computer innovations and Bioinformatics that disproportionately controls the affairs of all humans

Digital systems have continued to swallow all analog systems worldwide such that everything will soon depend on the dynamics of the innovations in computer systems & bioinformatics. Unfortunately, the crime rate through this system has created a jaw-dropping fear that one wonders which direction to go.

Control measures and checks and balances are needed to control the systems that are emerging as determinants of global development systems.

Security systems need stringent ideologies to ensure the potential benefits of computer innovations and Bioinformatics outcomes are fully exploited. This can easily be achieved during this type of best brain global assembly

Why take part

We glad to accommodate all stakeholders in this virtual online conference about matters that concerns all of us. It is brought to the comforts of your bedrooms, doorsteps, and anywhere so as to give you chance to let your voice be heard.

No travels restrictions, no lockdowns, no vaccine passports, no visa applications, and so on. We can still achieve a lot in the pandemic despite the aftermath of the pandemic that brought us to the new normal ways of life.

If you do not say here I am, no one will know where you are and what you have to say to the world. Let’s embrace the new normal post ways of doing things as we prepare for the post-pandemic life.

Register and invite your contacts as well so that together we blaze the trail of sustainable development

Our plan for your abstracts

Abstracts are stand-alone documents that should be clear, concise, and educative enough to allow readers to make decisions before reading the full text.

Abstracts are also published separately as Journals supplements without the may text. Structured abstracts will be published as “Opinion” or “Position” papers.

Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics Virtual Conference 2021
Getting the first things right

Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics Virtual Conference 2021

DATE:        September 23rd – 25th 2021

Deadline for Abstracts: September 14th,  2021


Fill this form to submit papers for the conference

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    2. Register to listen and learn from others (NO Abstracts)

      Call for Conference papers

      This is to invite all stakeholders to participate in this epic event brought to the comforts of your doorsteps and bedrooms. Topics accepted may include but not limited to the following:

      Computer innovations

      Session 1: Software development and management

      1. Software vulnerabilities and mitigation of security risks with emphasis on database management, advanced operating systems, cryptography, and advanced encryption strategies.
      2. Management of all organizational securities and software applications, networks, storage hardware, devices, and so on.
      3. Networking protocols and systems design with details on the creation of websites or mobile applications and interface design.
      4. Proof of how effective an interface development and deployment maybe
      5. The use of standard libraries to ensure the compatibility and usability of applications across the system
      6. Programs in software engineering or software theory
      7. The advancement of knowledge in coding and scripting, communication, and collaboration

      Session 2: Computer languages and artificial intelligence

      1. The key differences between common computer languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic .NET, SQL, R, and C#.
      2. Biological data mining and interpretation with cutting edge computerized DNA technologies
      3. Artificial intelligence that deals with probability and modeling, robotics, logical reasoning, natural language processing, and machine learning.
      4. Computing system’s ability to solve problems, make predictions, or solve complex tasks
      5. The management of bandwidth, traffic, user access, and the security of networks themselves, as well as any devices connected to the network.
      6. Advanced cryptography, approximation algorithms, computational algebra, randomness, distributed computing, and parallel computing.


      Session 3: Methods in Systems Biology

      1. The use of experimental, computational, and mathematical methods in systems biology
      2. The design of practical systems-level frameworks to address questions in a variety of biomedical fields.
      3. The use of tools from the Bioconductor and galaxy project to perform analysis of genomic data
      4. Web applications data building such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with emphasis on competencies in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript.
      5. The development of web and database applications in PHP, using SQL for database creation, as well as functionality in JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON.
      6. The use of Hadoop with MapReduce, Spark, Pig, and codes, to perform predictive modeling and the leverage of graph analytics to model problems.

      Session 4:  Discrete Maths and its applications

      1. Discrete Math properties and their application in software engineering, data, security, and financial analysis
      2. Discrete Math and its use in interviews, basic notions, and results especially in combinatorics, graphs, probability, number theory
      3. The sequence and comparison of genomes including how to find mutations lurking within DNA and proteins.
      4. Genomic Data sc with emphasis on the most common tools used in genomic data sc
      5. The use of the command line, along with a variety of software implementation tools like Python, R, Bioconductor, and Galaxy.

      Session 5: Algorithms and their applications

      1. Algorithms for solving various biological and programming problems
      2. The Implementation of some algorithmic coding problems in a programming language 
      3. The design of challenges as an alternative to multiple-choice questions 
      4. The analysis of road networks, social networks, and computing of the shortest route between major cities and suburb
      5. The assembly of the genome from millions of short fragments of DNA and its link to new developments in personalized medicine.
      6. Plant genome sequencing & RNA-seq enabled transcriptome-wide expression profiling,
      7. The proliferation of “-seq”-based methods and the link to the high-throughput and cheap determination of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions

      To Register for the Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics Virtual Conference 2021 on September  17-18th, 2021, fill the form above or call us:  +256 726 011573/ +256700488917  and/or send a mail to us at You will get an instant response in not more than 48hrs, from our dedicated staff mandated to serve you.

      1. Faculties………….US$20
      2. Students………….US$10
      3. Others……………..US$20
      4. Groups more than 20, get 30% off
      5. Register to listen [ US$10].
      6. Corporate Exposition: ….US$100

      Queries to: or (what’s app +256726011573) or direct call +256700488917 

      Abstract publication

      Accepted abstracts will be published as supplements in the Special Journal of  Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics. It will also be published in all our social media outlets. Authors will be guided on how to write the manuscript for publication in the Special Journal of computer innovations and Bioinformatics after the peer review.


      Computer Innovations and Bioinformatics Virtual Conference 2021

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