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Special Journals Publisher - SJP - CIB +256700488917
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Km 60 Mbarara-Fort-portal Road, Ishaka, Box 324, Bushenyi District, Uganda

Special Journals Publisher (SJP), is a Subsidiary of Special Pathogens Research Network, Limited [RC No: 144926]. This Research Network is limited by Guarantee, with no share capital.

Electronic Contacts

*Partnerships and contributions:……………….

* Publishing questions:………………………………

* All other questions:………………………………….

* Telephone:………………………………………………. +256 [782101486 , 703129679 , 756029902]

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    Before you submit your papers or contact our editorial office with your questions think of the following points

    1. Who cares to read this manuscript? And why would s/he want to do so?
    2. What is the research question or policy issue addressed? And what is its public health significance? (Methodological virtuosity does not equal public health significance unless the methodological advance has potential for broad public health application and the article clearly explains this).
    3. (Why) am I sending this paper or questions for answers? You may wish to check the scope of this journal to see if the answers you seek are already answered
    4. What is already known on this topic, and what does your manuscript add? (We ask all original papers to structure their concluding sections around these questions.)
    5. Are you confident in the quality and comprehensiveness of your literature review? If not, please don’t submit until you can answer positively; competent reviewers will pick up on this immediately.
    6. Is your manuscript likely to be understood by someone without your specific disciplinary background or specialization? If not, please provide necessary and concise explanations.
    7. When there are important controversies about methodology or interpretation of evidence that are relevant to your findings, have you referred to them as necessary?
    8. When there are elements of the local, regional or national context about which you are writing that are not likely to be familiar to the Journal’s readership, which is thoroughly international, have you explained these adequately and concisely, with relevant sources cited?
    9. Have you copy-edited the manuscript and references carefully? Especially if English is not your first language, are you confident in the quality of written English?

    Take note

    Our dedicated information technology team is ready to respond to all relevant queries and to give an answer to relevant suggestions usually within 48 hours. If we do not reply to your mail by this time, please kindly understand that the management and editorial board did not see any case with your queries and are not willing to follow up on your case.

    However, if you think that your case really deserves attention, send another question or request or inquiries. Every such second query must get an answer as soon as possible

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